New Exmoor park site is now live

Well it’s a good start to the new year and all listings have been migrated over from the old Exmoor park website onto the new one.

We have an array of new features to help both visitor and owner alike.

Visitors can now compare different properties as they browse through the site.

There is also a handy ” Recently Viewed Pages ” section at the bottom of the left side menu to help visitors track the last 10 properties or pages they have viewed. It’s very handy to remind visitors of the Exmoor bed and breakfasts, Exmoor hotels or the Exmoor self catering cottages  they’ve previously looked at whilst browsing the site.

We also have a new exmoor events listing page with a variety of current and upcoming events supplied by Everything Exmoor

Our Google Adwords campaign started today and we will be running the initial campaign till the end of February.

All our exmoor featured accommodation listings have been taken now and only standard listings are left.

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