Antispam captcha changed

We’ve had several comments regarding recaptcha, the form antispam system on the site, and have therefore implemented a simplified system for visitors and owners alike.

Rather than having to type in two longs words that were hard to read on all the contact and signup forms throughout the site, we now have a simple 4 character captcha that is far easier to read and simpler to type in.

We try and listen to not only our exmoor property owners but our visitors as well, and this was obviously an issue for some people, so we thought it would be more beneficial all round to just change the captcha type to a simpler one.

Form spam is always a problem, and the old Exmoor Park website suffered from not having any antispam system on the contact or signup forms, and we hope that this new simplified captcha system will please visitors to the site and our owners as well.

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